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Friday, March 10, 2006

Dissident Voice reader David Patten alerted me to James
Loewen's Sundown Towns .

From Publishers Weekly

According to bestselling sociologist Loewen (Lies My
Teacher Told Me
),"something significant has been left
out of the broad history of race in America as it is
usually taught," namely the establishment between
1890 and 1968 of thousands of "sundown towns" that
systematically excluded African-Americans from living
within their borders.

Another book along these lines is When Affirmative Action was White
by Ira Katznelson. Liberals should move away from arguing that
Affirmative Action is a response (only) to
the legacy of slavery, but instead emphasize the way government and
civil society policies since the end of the civil war often limited
African American economic opportunity.


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