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Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Nation Book Section, Part II

I forgot to mention the worst thing about The Nation's book section: its reactionary choice of presses to focus on. I tallied up the book reviews in all The Nations my public library had stashed on the shelves, beneath the new copy. 23 books reviewed were from large presses like Knopf, Basic, Penguin, Norton. 7 were from small presses (and I was generous in including some borderline majors in small presses). 10 were from university presses, although less of the social science/history/cultural studies from those than you would think, given the prominence of left wing writers in those area (instead, histories of classical music). And 0 books from recognizably left wing presses like South End, AK Press, Monthly Review, or Verso. O. What exactly is The Nation's political agenda?


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