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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Color of Disaster

Michael Eric Dyson has the first book out on the Katrina disaster. At least it looks like the first book. One can never be sure. But it looks good.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Betty Friedan

The New York Times obituary for Betty Friedan graciously includes this quote from its original review of The Feminine Mystique:

Writing in The New York Times Book Review in April 1963, Lucy Freeman
called "The Feminine Mystique" a "highly readable, provocative book," but went
on to question its basic premise, writing, of Ms. Friedan:
generalities, in which this book necessarily abounds, may hold a certain amount
of truth but often obscure the deeper issues. It is superficial to blame the
'culture' and its handmaidens, the women's magazines, as she does. What is to
stop a woman who is interested in national and international affairs from
reading magazines that deal with those subjects? To paraphrase a famous line,
'The fault, dear Mrs. Friedan, is not in our culture, but in ourselves.' "

If a collection were made of Times reviews of the important works of the last hundred years, you'd find the Times missed the boat about 85% of the time.